Personal Services

At Business-Savvy Bookkeeping, we know that managing the details of your complex personal finances isn’t your passion. You’d rather be doing the interesting things, the pieces of your life that truly draw your interest and provide enrichment.

To that end, we’re here to help. Our passion is making everything run smoothly, and we want to share that with you. We can help in more ways than you may have imagined. Take a look!

  1. Personal Bookkeeping services provided
    1. Bookkeeping setup: In consultation with you, we’ll set up your books to provide a clear representation of your business and let you easily see the details.
    2. Data entry: entry of data from financial accounts, receipts and other client information into financial tracking software.
    3. Reconciliation: verification of the accuracy of data in your financial tracking software by means of comparison with primary source data (bank statements, etc.)
    4. Accounts Payable Management: tracking of outstanding bills from vendors, payment of bills on your schedule.
    5. Accounts Receivable Management: tracking of your income from salary, stocks or other investments.
    6. Investment Management: Tracking receipt and sale of assets and investments, with regular review.
    7. Budgeting: Preparation & maintenance of budgets, cash projections & spending plans.
    8. Bookkeeper training: Training to enable you or your bookkeeper to more fully manage your books.